Energizing Spring

Snow, water, ice repeat; that is where we are right now.  It is a bittersweet time for us in WI and MN.  Spring is within reach energizing and waking us up.  Each of us are wondering where we stashed our sandals and shorts last fall, which feels like a lifetime ago. 

As the temps warm up we are naturally driven to do something, anything outside.  I’m sure most of us would even go out and pick up the many piles of dog messes if a boot, including the sock, wouldn’t be lost in the mud that is the yard.  I admit, it is very tempting to get outside and rake or remove snow and/or leaves from the plants and turf.  Unfortunately, doing this before the threat of frost is gone can cause damage.  The snow and fall leaves insulate and protect plants from the freezing temps.  While insulated, the plants are also waking up and starting to come to life.  Exposing the new growth to our cold night temps will very likely cause damage and will certainly slow the growth.  Instead of counterproductive activities in the yard and garden make a simple bird feeder, put out a cage with pieces of yarn for the birds use to build nests, play Frisbee, go for a bike ride or what ever trips your trigger.  Enjoy!

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