Deer Defense: Selecting Plants That WIll Tolerate Deer

Imagine this: Your just spent thousands redesigning and installing your back yard. Beautiful plants have been chosen to accent the new patio space and water feature.  You look out your window one morning and to your horror the plants have all been chomped down to little more than sticks. ARG!!!

The first question: What happened?
Answer: Deer

The next question: Could this have been prevented?
Answer: Yes

One solution to keeping the deer at bay is to religiously spray the plants with some type of animal repellent.  Generally, this needs to be done regularly and after EVERY rain.

With such an emphasis on low maintenance landscapes these days, spraying the plants all the time is not an option.  The root of the problem goes back to the design of the backyard. Proper plant selection could have eliminated the problem from the out set.

 Walker's Low Nepeta

There are particular plants that deer will not graze on.  Any plant in the mint family is a good choice. Perennials such as Monard, Nepeta and Sage offer brilliant color and due to their aromatic leaves, deer will not eat them.

Gray Owl Juniper

If larger plants are required, Junipers will provide color all year long as well as interesting shapes.  Barberries and Spirea are also plants that deer will not touch.

These examples are just scratching the surface of plant material but it proves that there are plants that can be placed in a landscape with out fear of deer damage.  If installing a new landscape is in the future keep these in mind when talking with a landscape professional.

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This is what we need - an iignsht to make everyone think

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