A Discussion on Pavers: Advantages over poured concrete

As I meet customers through out the summer months, it surprises me how little most perspective clients know about pavers patios and driveways. Some, in fact, don’t realize it is even an option for them. After a brief education, they begin to see the numerous advantages to pavers over poured concrete or any other treatment.

Pavers are not a new product in the market. They basic concept has been used for thousands of years. The Romans, for instance, created the world’s most elaborate road system using individual bricks and stone.

The #1 advantage of pavers over a poured surface starts with the individual pieces. In the harsh northern climate we live in, frost is always a concern. Frost, which causes the ground to heave, can not be stopped. When laid properly, individual bricks are allowed to move and shift with out cracking. In contrast, a poured surface will shift, but when a small section lifts the entire poured area will move which leads to cracking.

Once the poured surface cracks, the problem begins to compound itself. Water runs into the crack, freezes, and expands the crack. More water flows into the larger crack, erosion starts to occur under the surface, and more cracks form and the process continues to repeat itself.

There is no way to fix poured concrete, once it is damaged, without leaving an unsightly mark. Pavers, by contrast, can be easily repaired. After the in-laws that no body likes drive away, how do you fix that lovely oil spill they have left you? If pavers are installed the fix is simple. Individual bricks can be lifted and replaced leaving no trace of the oil spill. A cleaner can be used on the poured concrete but either the oil will still be visible or the cleaner will leave an ugly mark.

After a few simple stories like these customers begin to realize how a paver driveway or patio is a much better investment than a poured surface.

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